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airport xtreme

Apple AirPort Extreme

Wireless technologies have pretty much taken over, and Internet modems are no exception to that fact. The AirPort Extreme seems to be a pretty top-notch choice, but what about that hefty price tag? Is it worth it? Ben shares his thoughts on the subject.


The Happening

We Rate Stuff’s band of brothers (can two people be considered a “band”?) hit the theaters to see what’s happening with M. Night’s The Happening. The dynamic duo that is Kev and Brad have lengthy reviews with detailed info on this apocalyptic adventure.


Futurama: The Beast With A Billion Backs

First Bender’s Big Score, and now The Beast With A Billion Backs. How does the second feature-length Futurama movie stand up to its predecessor, as well as the show’s original run of episodes? Brad and Ben have seen into the future and have plenty to share on the subject.


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