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shame shame

Dr. Dog – Shame, Shame

Dr. Dog is kind of a strange band… they dress like they’re miners and chimney sweeps from the 1930s, but their music tends to sound like it’s from the sixties. All I know is that they craft some seriously catchy, vocally rich pop songs that stick with you.


Funny or Die Presents (S01E07)

Funny or Die Presents season one is slowly coming to an end, wrapping up an interesting experiment for television. It may be extremely hit or miss, but some of the hits are well worth watching, like Tim and Eric’s Father and Son, or Designated Driver.


Vitamin Water Connect

Vitamin Water Connect is so fat it fell in love and broke it! Vitamin Water Connect is so dumb, it tried to kill itself by jumping out the basement window! Vitamin Water Connect is SO damn awful tasting, I heard Chef Gordon Ramsay actually liked it.


Invincible Orange Slurpee

A slurpee is kind of the perfect drink. It comes in a large variety of usually delicious flavors, with new ones produced relatively often, and it’s so cold that it’s damn near half ice. The only other necessity would be a straw, and they even have candy ones!


Burger King Breakfast Bowl

We’ve all heard Patton Oswalt’s brilliant “failure pile in a sadness bowl” joke about the KFC Famous Bowl. Thought that would’ve shamed the rest of fast food outta making more mashed-together-food-bowls? Me too, but BK said uh-uh.


Funny or Die Presents (S01E06)

If there’s one man that knows how to lie about knowing about the internet, that man is Ed Haligan. Everyone seems to like Funny or Die on the internet, so why not on TV? Because they have skits like One Thousand Cats? Well… makes sense I guess.


Funny or Die Presents (S01E05)

This week on Funny or Die Presents includes the most star-studded sketch they’ve presented yet – Hold Up, featuring Thomas Lennon, Ian Roberts, Malin Ackerman, Creed Bratton, and more! If you can resist that lineup, what are you doing with your life?

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation (S02E19)

Parks and Recreation is only getting stronger as it goes along, and with Andy Samberg guest-starring as a Park Ranger, there’s a 99.98% probability that hilarious things will happen. That number might not be accurate, I got it from LoveCalculator.com.


Funny or Die Presents (S01E04)

Funny or Die Presents is a decent show, so if the brand alone won’t get you, perhaps the ridiculous star power behind it will. This week’s episode featured a sixteen minute skit by Tim and Eric, as well as more of ‘Designated Driver’, so it can’t possibly be bad.


Blur (XBLA Beta)

We Rate Stuff likes giving things away to nice people, so we’re doing more of it. The Xbox Live beta for Blur, a new racing game authored by Bizarre Creations (Project Gotham Racing) came out recently, and we have the codes you need to be able to play.