Mason Stillwell


Revolutionary Road

That’d be a cool road to live on. For a long time when I was a kid I thought I lived on Drury Lane, which is, coincidentally enough, where the Muffin Man lives. I never saw him, though. I was an outside kinda kid too. Maybe that’s how I realized I didn’t live there.


The Doors – Live at the Matrix

Mason kicks off our Friday megapost, in which we’ll be posting at least four reviews. He takes us back in time on an interesting journey through a dank old nightclub, where an up-and-coming band is about to hit the stage just as the lights go down.


Synecdoche, New York

Legendary screenwriter Charlie Kaufman finally completed his transformation into full-fledged movie maker by assuming the role of director for Synecdoche, New York. Was it a Kaufman-sized success, or a Boll-sized failure? Only Mason knows.


Let the Right One In

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you… Mason Stillwell! The newest addition to We Rate Stuff’s contributors, indie film fan, disliker of cheese, and reviewer extraordinaire! Now that you know him, check out what he has to say about the first coming-of-age vampire movie.