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Players (S01E04)

After quite a lengthy and unnecessary hiatus, season one of Players from UCB’s Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts is back on the air! This episode is about Bruce’s (Walsh) gambling problem, and it has Andrew Daly in it. Don’t forget your daily dose of Daly!


Skittles Fizzl’d Fruits

I remember when I was sitting around eating Skittles one day when I said, “You know, Teddy Roosevelt, the only way Skittles could be better is if they had a fizzy coating.” Even though that was 93 years ago, our dreams have finally come true, Teddy.


Crackdown 2

Crackdown was that game that everyone had to buy to get the Halo 3 multiplayer beta, so it got pretty popular pretty fast. It turned out to actually be fun, too. The superhuman jumping and fighting capabilities made it a blast to play, but how’s the sequel?


Ballpark Nacho Fritos

Where are nachos different from other nachos? In the ballpark apparently. Ballpark Nacho Fritos are a jalapeño nacho cheese flavored version of everyone’s favorite corn chip treats. Unfortunately, they’re limited time only. That and other details inside.


Entourage (S07E01)

Entourage is a show you watch for the most superficial of reasons, so to have it devolve into petty love stories last season was dishearteningly boring. Luckily it looks like they might be bringing it back into fun territory for this new season. Kaitis explains.


Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds

Man, British people love their science. Which is AWESOME. I wish I could say the same about Americans and American television, but all we like watching is fat people trying to lose weight, celebrities trying to dance, and people getting arrested. Fun.


Italian Four Cheese Cheez-Its

Ladies and gentlemen, it seems that the people behind Cheez-Its are lying to us. Egregious, I know. Though they claim this new flavor to be “Four Cheese”, Kaitis, with his crack investigatory skills, has learned the hard truth that it’s actually five cheeses.


Funny or Die Presents (S01E09)

Kaitis has been doing a great job keeping up with the Funny or Die Presents episodes, except for one thing: we thought it only went to 10 episodes, but it turns out it goes to 12! That thankfully explains how Tim and Eric still have to sketches of their own left.

party down

Party Down (S02E01)

Party Down basically has an all star cast, featuring actors like Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Martin Starr, and Lizzy Caplan, as well as Jane Lynch in the first season. Is there even any possible way that would not be funny? Season two started recently, so here.


Funny or Die Presents (S01E08)

Funny or Die Presents is coming up to the penultimate episode of the first season, and it’s been pretty lukewarm thus far. Of course, there have been high points, and Tim and Eric have been involved in most of them, and this is only their second segment.