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The Office (S07E19)

This week’s episode of The Office was one of the bigger ones in recent memory. It clearly and in no uncertain terms makes official the announcement of Michael Scott, amongst other major plot points. Time to wait another month for a new episode!


Skittles Blenders

Skittles starts off the new year right, with a product that pits their flavors against each other, Skittles Blenders. There are five multi-flavor adventures to take your mouth on, and all the details are belong to Kaitis. Better get ’em back!


Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal

I’ve never heard as generic a name for cereal as Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal, which is a feat in itself. But to then designate the two separate flavors of said cereal as ‘Roasted Honey & Nut,’ and ‘Golden Honey Nut’ is almost just rude.


Buffalo Wild Wings Jammin’ Jalapeno/Thai Curry

Let’s face it, Buffalo Wild Wings is probably the best chain wing restaurant, and this is primarily because of their phenomenal and extensive list of sauces. Lucky for us wing fans, they just added two more: Jammin’ Jalapeño and Thai Curry!


Sierra Mist Natural

It’s fantastic that more and more soda companies are rolling out with “throwback” and “natural” versions of their products that don’t contain satan juice, AKA High Fructose Corn Syrup. Hopefully this trend will continue so we don’t sink the country into the ocean.


Funny or Die Presents (S02E02)

Funny or Die Presents is an extension of the website that Will Ferrell and his friends created. It’s on HBO, and it consists of multiple mini-shows that feature some of today’s funniest comedians and actors alike. Kaitis has the scoop on season…


Portlandia (S01E01)

Everyone knows that hipsters and their tangential brethren hippies are fantastic comedic source material. Fred Armisen, however, has the guts to take it from mere web series fodder to an actual TV show, with the help of… a female guitarist turned comedienne?


Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money (DLC)

Fallout 3’s DLC ranged from decent (Mothership Zeta) to phenomenal (Point Lookout), so one would hope that the downloadable content in Fallout: New Vegas might live up to the same potential. Kaitis is here to report that so far, it’s not looking good.

top gear

Top Gear (S16E01)

If there’s any automotive equivalent to the Biblical three wise men, it’s surely James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson. In this special episode, they travel from Iraq to Bethlehem, encountering war zones and sand along the way.

top gear apoc

Top Gear Apocalypse

Those Top Gear fellas are pretty crazy sometimes, and this time they’re putting Apocalyptic motoring scenarios and conditions to the test. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind tearing ass across a wasteland in a Ferrari.