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true blood s3

True Blood (S03E01)

Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time before True Blood included werewolves, too. If they turn into little brown dudes with six packs, I’m gonna be pissed. Oh well; I doubt there’s anything that could be more obnoxious than the Fellowship of the Sun.


Good Old War – Self-Titled

I think the lead singer of Good Old War looks a liiiiittle bit like Charlie Day, which makes them so much more fun to listen to. Why did they choose their second album to be self-titled? Why is my dog staring at me right now? These answers and more inside.


Sobakawa Cloud Pillow

I’m sure some of you have seen the infomercial for the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow – the only pillow filled with 10 million air beads to softly cushion your head, or so they say. This story is filled with despair, tumult, turmoil, and truth, so read if you dare.


Kanye West – Power (Single)

Finally, we get something from Kanye! I can only listen to 808s so many times. Anyway, this first single off his upcoming album is harshly fantastic. He’s back with a vengeance. If his new album is full of this kind of energy, watch out.


Pretzel M&Ms

If God had a rabbit, it would poop out M&Ms. They’d be different flavors depending on what mood the rabbit is in, although are there emotions in heaven? Can a rabbit in heaven even have emotions? Whoa. Just got all philosophical on ya there.


Muse – Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)

Everybody’s favorite author, Stephenie Meyer, has chosen Muse to set her death ray gaze on by asking them to make fairy songs for her fairy series, Twilight, which I shan’t even italicize. Here you go – just try not to let more than 50% in your ears at once.


Band of Horses – Infinite Arms

I wouldn’t have thought me and horses would have much in common as far as music goes, but turns out there’s a whole band of them with great musical taste. Band of Horses’ newest album, Infinite Arms comes out tomorrow, so check it out.


Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta

Halo: Reach. That’s all many gamers have been thinking about recently, especially with Bungie’s tendency to release incredible amounts of media right before a game(‘s beta) is released. And now it’s finally here, and it’s even better than I had imagined.


The Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman has steadily risen to mainstream fame these last five years or so, so now it’s time for her to write a book! Instead of taking the usual comedian route of writing a comedy book, Sarah took a more introspective path, thankfully.


KFC Double Down

KFC’s Double Down sandwich has two of everything – chicken, monterey jack cheese, Colonel’s sauce (two squirts?), strips of bacon – except bread. Don’t go looking around for it, they didn’t forget it and you didn’t lose it. Get ready to get greasy.