April, 2010


Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk

I’m starting to realize that Chuck Palahniuk is an unbelievably versatile author. I’ve only read two books by him, but the two were so starkly different that it was hard to tell the same author wrote them. After hearing about Lullaby, I…


Funny or Die Presents (S01E09)

Kaitis has been doing a great job keeping up with the Funny or Die Presents episodes, except for one thing: we thought it only went to 10 episodes, but it turns out it goes to 12! That thankfully explains how Tim and Eric still have to sketches of their own left.


The Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman has steadily risen to mainstream fame these last five years or so, so now it’s time for her to write a book! Instead of taking the usual comedian route of writing a comedy book, Sarah took a more introspective path, thankfully.

party down

Party Down (S02E01)

Party Down basically has an all star cast, featuring actors like Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Martin Starr, and Lizzy Caplan, as well as Jane Lynch in the first season. Is there even any possible way that would not be funny? Season two started recently, so here.


Funny or Die Presents (S01E08)

Funny or Die Presents is coming up to the penultimate episode of the first season, and it’s been pretty lukewarm thus far. Of course, there have been high points, and Tim and Eric have been involved in most of them, and this is only their second segment.



When I left the theater after my first Kick-Ass viewing, I knew exactly what I had to do: imitate what I had just witnessed. Fast forward to today and I’ve gone through 6 Kleenex boxes and 2 dozen comics. Being a superhero is harder than it looks!

shame shame

Dr. Dog – Shame, Shame

Dr. Dog is kind of a strange band… they dress like they’re miners and chimney sweeps from the 1930s, but their music tends to sound like it’s from the sixties. All I know is that they craft some seriously catchy, vocally rich pop songs that stick with you.


KFC Double Down

KFC’s Double Down sandwich has two of everything – chicken, monterey jack cheese, Colonel’s sauce (two squirts?), strips of bacon – except bread. Don’t go looking around for it, they didn’t forget it and you didn’t lose it. Get ready to get greasy.

lost hugo

Lost (S06E012)

The twelfth episode of Lost’s final season contained some shockers, to be sure. We saw some old characters (ones we thought we’d never see again) return, we saw some… depart… and lots and lots of confrontation. You can really tell it’s coming to an end.


Funny or Die Presents (S01E07)

Funny or Die Presents season one is slowly coming to an end, wrapping up an interesting experiment for television. It may be extremely hit or miss, but some of the hits are well worth watching, like Tim and Eric’s Father and Son, or Designated Driver.