February, 2009


Domino’s Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

If there’s a better, more appealing name for a pizza than Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch, God help us all. Unless you’re one of those Vegetarian types, in which case, you might be interested in some Pacific Veggie action.


Domino’s Pacific Veggie Pizza

Dominos recently started selling a new brand of pizza: American Legends. First up to the We Rate Stuff plate is the Pacific Veggie type, a Mediterranean blend of roasted peppers, spinach, onions, feta cheese, and their new “cheesy crust”.


Honey Nut Little Bites Frosted Mini-Wheats

Frosted Mini-Wheats’ new spinoff, Little Bites, is seriously awesome. And seriously small. If you can fit Mini and Little into the same product title, you’re 1. a marketing genius, 2. adjective happy, or 3. you have a shrink ray.


Safari 4 (Beta)

Safari 3 was a pretty adequate web browser with a few glaring missing capabilities. Safari 4 (beta) is an extremely capable web browser, with an assortment of familiar and new features that’ll keep you happy til at least Firefox 4.

conchords s2

Flight of the Conchords (S02E06)

Bret and Jemaine have a history of both falling for the same girl, and this episode is no exception. Then again, if Kristen Wiig is the girl in question, it’s no surprise why they would both want her. It’d be like dating a machine that makes your own money.

eastbound s1

East Bound and Down (S01E02)

Danny McBride continues his extremely entertaining role as Kenny Powers, highly offensive ex-professional pitcher. On a side note, if for some reason I’m ever forced at gun point or tortured into growing a mullet, I can only hope it looks as raw as Kenny’s.


Mad Men (Season 1)

I think you’ll all be glad to know that Mason wasn’t a cutthroat marketing exec in sub-urban 1950s America. He was enough of a mad man to fly through the first season and review it, though. Are you enough of a mad (wo)man to read it?



I think you’ll all be glad to know that Mason has never been kidnapped. Nor has he ever kidnapped anybody, as far as I know. So join Mason for a review on Taken, knowing that your face probably won’t end up on the “missing” side of a milk carton.

eastbound s1

Eastbound and Down (S01E01)

As soon as you mention Will Ferrell, half of America gets a boner. Add to that Danny McBride, and three-fourths of that remaining half does, as well. What’s wrong with the other 3/8ths? I couldn’t tell you, but maybe Kaitis could. Or does. Find out.


Beirut – March of the Zapotec/Holland EP

Even though it was released on iTunes almost a month ago, March of the Zapotec/Holland EP officially comes out tomorrow. Composed of half Beirut and half electronica style songs, Kaitis and I split this one right down the middle. Like that guy in 13 Ghosts.