January, 2009

jughead lost

Lost (S05E03)

Now this is what I’m talking about. Literally, this episode is what I’m about to discuss, but in all seriousness, Lost is back and hauling all sorts of ass towards its inevitable end. How does the penultimate season stack up so far? Answers ahead.

prom queen

Lil Wayne – Prom Queen (Single)

Ahh, the prom queen. The stuff high school girls’ dreams are made of (I would know). Insta-legendary status, in their minds, probably. But from an outsider view? From the eyes of other than prom royalty? Pop princess or insufferable bitch? Wayne knows.

lie to me

Lie To Me (S01E01)

There are four people pictured left. Out of those four people, you will instantly like five of them after seeing Lie To Me. Don’t ask me how that’s possible, because even I couldn’t tell you. What I can tell you is that FOX may have just usurped Fringe. No lie.


Franz Ferdinand – Tonight: Franz Ferdinand

Look, it’s the guy who got assassinated, thereby starting World War I! Making music! What, you heard that joke when the band came out? Years ago? Well, old jokes work for Family Guy, so I’m sticking to it. Franz Ferdinand’s first release in years comes out today.


Skittles Crazy Cores

Skittles are delicious, tiny pebbles that you can either choose to enjoy, or pelt people with. Usually I’m inclined toward the latter, but sometimes my mouth overtakes my hands. In the case of Skittles Crazy Cores, I just don’t think I can bring myself to throw them.


Windows 7 (Beta)

Windows PC users have a lot to look forward to after Vista’s abysmal launch and slow-motion crawl to stability. Almost two years have passed since Vista was released, and Microsoft has since put forth a beta of its next incremental OS upgrade – Windows 7.


Banjo Kazooie (XBLA)

“It really is quite absurd, adventures of a bear and bird!” Oh, Grunty. Your wit is surpassed only by WitBot 900, and that hasn’t even been created yet. And I’m sure that once it is created, it’ll eventually rust and become obsolete. But not you! No sir! Ma’am?


Moon (DS)

Word on the street is that we’re gonna start sending people to the moon in the next decade or so. Crazy stuff. They better hope they don’t find any of the stuff that they find in Moon, though. What do they find? You’ll have to play Moon to find out. Or just go there.



Everyone loves things that deal with time travel. Einstein was interested in it (though he deemed it impossible). See, even dead people like it! If you’re not a sci-fi nerd, though, you should probably read on anyway, ’cause this movie sounds fantastic.


Revolutionary Road

That’d be a cool road to live on. For a long time when I was a kid I thought I lived on Drury Lane, which is, coincidentally enough, where the Muffin Man lives. I never saw him, though. I was an outside kinda kid too. Maybe that’s how I realized I didn’t live there.