December, 2008


Strawberry Creme Nilla Cakesters

Nabisco’s Oreo Cakesters were a pretty great idea. A bit rich, but hey. Now, they’ve branched out to encompass the Strawberry genre, while including Nilla wafers. Two birds with one stone. Nice job, Nabisco. Kaitis has the delicious details.


Cheetos Crunchy Mozzarella

Cheesy, crunchy, grab a whole bunchy and eat them for lunchy. It doesn’t matter what adjectives you use to describe a new Cheetos flavor; you’ll get cheesed regardless. Or maybe these mozzarella munchies will disappoint your taste buds. Find out!


Trident Splash – Citrus with Blackberry

Gum is usually pretty great, and when it has gooey flavor juice inside it, it’s even better. That’s exactly what Trident Splash gum is. They just released their new flavor — Citrus with Blackberry. Take a look inside for an idea of how it fared.


Britney Spears – Circus

I’ve never been to a circus, but I always imagined it being a lot more fun than listening to this album was. The real circus has lots of clowns, funny music, and oddball performances nobody cares about. This album doesn’t ha- oh wait…


Zack and Miri Make A Porno

After seeing the many Zack and Miri posters that got banned, do yourself a favor and see the reason they got banned. I’m not usually a big Kevin Smith fan, so if you aren’t either, then chances are this is his one movie you should see.


The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die (Single)

The band responsible for MTV’s number 1 most controversial video ever makes some pretty good music, too. After three years they’re back with a song that should be the new theme song for Space Invaders. Oh, and Dave Grohl, too.